Monday, 15 December 2014

The Space in Between by Jen Minkman

Hey All!!! Well I've got a review for Jen Minkmans The Space in between.

First off I want to thank Jen for giving me the opportunity to review her book but this book is quite fascinating. Upon opening the book I was easily sucked into the book and lead by these amazing characters. It was very full and well rounded and I am very impressed. For now Trisha Signing off. :)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The ring of ice

The Ring of Ice around Feyland has been shattered.

The original Dark Fey, known in the mortal world, in the Land Beyond the Crystal River, as a bloodsucker, an undead, a vampire...Queen Neriti has entered, bringing with her the darkness of the human world.

The world of magic will collide with the human world.  

Empress of Feyland, Breena Malloy, half-fey and half-human, will once again be forced to fight a war she is against...only this time, it will take place not only in Feyland, but also in the Land Beyond the Crystal River, otherwise known as the human world.

Her love, King Kian of Feyland will fight besides her, along with her loyal Prince of Wolves, Logan.

New allies will be formed, and new enemies revealed.  Can the denizens of Feyland and Empress Breena trust the vampires and gifted humans on the trail of Queen Neriti?  Jaegar Greystone, an ancient vampire with the beautiful Kalina Calloway, a human girl with vampire powers?

Or are they part of Queen Neriti's evil plan for revenge against all?

Ring of Ice is a new series based on the characters from the Bitter Frost Series and from The PULSE Vampire Series.  

For age 16 and up.