Monday, 13 February 2017

REVIEW: Journey To Love, by Nicole A. Schmidt

Hey All!!!

I was recently given the honor of reviewing Nicole A. Schmidts new poem collection "Journey To Love" which will be available on Valintines day 2017!

This book is quite different from her previous collection of poems, as you probably guessed this collection is about love and the journey you have to take in order to find it, This collection is geared towards a more mature crowd, her poems are formatted so that it feels as though you are having a conversation with her. This collection shows a more realistic side to trying to find love in the modern world. Just as with her first collection it does have a christian undertone but not so heavily that people with other beliefs would feel uncomforable.

To me this collection is every relatable and touching, as you read deeper and deeper into the collection you see the personal growth and you feel the powerful emotions as she learns who she is and what she wants. It is truely a powerful and inspirational collection, one I think is well worth a read.

Schmidt has a way of touching her readers and making contact with them on a personal level, in a way that I have never seen before. I highly reccomend her collections to anyone new to poetry or that's just wanting something different from the normal arrray of poetry. So check out "Journey to Love" on Amazon when it debuts on Tuesday!