Hey guys I thought  it would be cool to put out a blog about how to review books. Now here are some tips.

  1. When you are reviewing someone's books or story. NEVER  judge them or tell them straight out that it is bad. Rather ASK Them. Why did you choose to do that with your story? Why did you kill this person off, ect.
  2. Be KIND, Don't try to out wit or belittle that author in any way. They will be mad and in turn ruin you and your reviews. After all you were hired by THEM and the publisher to do the review. So some respect. 
  3. This is gonna come out kind of weird but the book and the characters in it are like the authors children you insult them in any way and you are crusin' for a brusin' I mean how would you feel if they told you your house was too small or your dog is ill trained or your kids are ugly? Think before you say anything. 
I will give you an example I read a book from a publisher that claimed that they wanted their time lines correct. The author had written 2 books in this series by the time I got to her book. Her time line was way way off and her characters were very unbelievable..In a bad way. I wrote her and told her the truth but I didn't outright say you should just take those of the market and never sale them again, but what I did instead was simply tell her I think that you may have some time line issues that you should look at, I also told her that her characters weren't believable to me. Her Reply? I didn't get a reply from her but her publisher that read.

"Thank you for your honesty. Here are some other books for you to try out."
Always do your best to be honest. AS a reviewer you should research the subject that way you can point out the flaws in the story.For now that's all.

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