Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Guest Post: Jen Selinsky

The One Thing I Cannot Quit

Have you ever been frustrated with something to the point at which you
felt you needed to quit? There have been many times in my life when I said
that I’m going to stop writing altogether. I was burned out and determined to
hang up my pen once and for all. For some unexplainable reason, I thought I
had already used up all my creativity; it was time to make way for all those
who were just starting off with something of their own to say.

One can guess how many times I’ve been successful at quitting
writing, and correct answer would be zero! The only time that I’ve come
relatively close was in 2010, when I went nearly seven months without writing
anything, except what was required for work. That failed trial was followed by
a literal explosion of words. I’d started writing more poetry and prose; my
muse returned with a vengeance, outraged that I tried to keep her locked up all
that time! As a result, I wrote lots more poetry and started two novels—one
which did not take me very long to complete.

There have been some more great bouts. One had started in 2013 and
came creeping all the way into 2014. I penned lots of poems, quotes, short
stories, essays, and had started three more big novels, a cookbook, and a
memoir. No wonder my poor mind felt so exhausted much of the time.
I was also tired of reading. My brain was officially on strike, and I
didn’t even want to digest any words! And when I did have to “choke down”
some literature, I tried to do so as quickly as possible.

2016 was a milestone for me. That was the year when I broke into
traditional publishing with Pen It! Publications. They initially accepted six of
my children’s picture books. And while I was very proud of each and every one
of my self-published titles, I was simply ecstatic to expand my horizons. I have
since had more titles published by Pen It! Publications, as well as gained
another publisher, Per Bastet Publications. As a result, I’ve earned more
respect as a local author and have sold more copies of my books at events.

In summation, let me just say one thing; I’ve reached the conclusion
that I cannot quit writing, it’s in my blood! I’ve come too far to abandon what I
set out to do all those years ago.