Monday, 28 September 2015

Interview with Nicole A. Schmidt

Hey all,

Sorry for not blogging more but it's been a busy past few months. I recently reviewed poetry by Nicole A. Schmidt and was given the enormous honor of  interviewing her. Here is the interview I hope you all enjoy.

 1.Why did you write "Inside a young soul"? 

Initially I wrote the poems because I needed to vent. I wasn't a rebellious teen so this was my way of getting it all out. Even then, I knew I wanted to publish it so that others would know they weren't alone.

2.Why did you choose to put a “Notes, Reactions, write-a- like” area after each poem?
I wanted my readers to be able react to the text. I wanted them to have the opportunity to get their feelings out too, even their feelings were the opposite of mine. Teenagers are silenced much more than they should be.

3.Do you have a poem that is your favorite or that is the most personal?
I can't say I have a favorite, but I can say that I remember the exact instance or person each poem is about.

4.What was the idea behind these poems?  

It was my way to address my emotions. I couldn't share them with the person they were about so I wrote them down. They had to come out one way or another so that I could move forward.

5.You have spots after some poems for "Artistic representation", what are you hoping that youths will do with this page?
Some teens are intimidated by writing, especially poetry. I never intended for them write poetry in the notes section, but I'm sure many will assume so. The artistic representation just provides another avenue for expression. They can draw, paint, collage, whatever their hearts desire.

6.What are you hoping people will take from your poems?
I hope that they comfort those who can relate to the disappointments and struggles in the poems. I hope that the joy in some of them make people laugh and smile. I hope that my readers are able to reminisce about their own experiences. I hope that they are encouraged and realize that it if I can get past these things so can they. Finally, I hope that the book itself reminds them that dreams can be realized. In the poem "Excuuoooooze Me" I share my desire to attend Maryland, teach, and publish a book. All three goals gave been accomplished. If I can do it, so can my readers.

7.Why did you choose to write poetry? 
I'm musically inclined. I sing as well so poetry comes naturally to me.

8.Are you planning to publish more books of poetry in the future? 
I'm in the process of compiling the next collection entitled, Journey to Love: Vol. 1. It's about knowing that you will get married, but enjoying the journey until you do. This collection is also broken into sections and has reflection pages, but it will also include short essays. 

9.Did you have any poets that inspired you to write?

My favorite author is J. California Copper, who wrote short stories and novels. I enjoy Maya Angelo, Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, etc, but they didn't inspire me. It has always been innate in me, it's in my DNA.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review for Inside a young soul

Hey all, I have been reading a book by Nicole A. Schmidt.

Inside a young soul is a book of poems which she wrote when she was younger. This novel is very heartfelt and is very easy to relate to for a lot of women. It is targeted towards young teen girls and its poems cover religion, family, and relationships. It is very powerful, and it is hard to believe that she was so young while writing it. In the novel there are spots that are titled: Notes , Reactions, write-a -like" In other chapters there is spots for you to draw. It is very interactive and I highly recommend it to young adults and teens. It perfectly embodies what being a teenage girl feels like it.