Wednesday, 19 March 2014

KIYA: Rise of a New Dynasty By Katie Hamstead

Hey all I recently read KIYA:Rise of a Dynasty by Katie Hamstead.

       What would you if your safety was slowly slipping away? If everyone you love is in danger and you are the only one that can stop it? This is the story of Naomi{Kiya}. A Hebrew woman turned queen. When you read these books you are seeing King Tuts birth and death through the eyes of his mother.
                                   This has a very interesting story line but it is nothing like the story of king Tut you read in history books or watched on the History channel.  From the eyes of his mother you see how young and strong he was, you see how he reacted to war and death and it makes his story so much more real but fair warning if you are like me and are a hard core history geek that expected his mother to be an Egyptian royal of the finest and that he was young and took his sister as a wife. This is a little bit different. Again Hebrew. His mother was Hebrew in this version. Now to get to the critical part of this review. I feel that maybe her timeline is a bit off.  As was her wording being a bit off. It still had a wonderful story line. But for now Trisha signing off.

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