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Broken Forest Review

Hey All!!!! I have a review and cover reveal for you today the book is the first book in the Daath Chronicles Broken Forest by Eliza Tilton.

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1) The wagons surrounded the site in a semi-circle. Sweat pooled in my palms. I had to take

out the guards closest to that entrance. If I failed, so did the mission.

Get a grip.

I clenched the arrow in my right hand. Brushfire shifted nervously, sensing my fear. I

rubbed her neck. I felt safer with her. She’d been with me since Jimri’s death. At night

when the nightmares taunted me, I’d sneak out, riding until dawn forced us home. I’d

rescued her from the burning woods, she’d rescued me from despair — today, I prayed

both of us would make it out alive.

2) For what seemed like hours, I held her in my arms. The fire had died to barely a flicker.

She’d fallen asleep, and I was content to hold her until morning, but I told her I’d leave

and I needed her to trust me.

Sliding out from underneath her, I moved the blanket to create a pillow, and then tucked

the rest around her. Her damp hair hung around her face. I bent down and swept it back

behind her ear.

You are so beautiful. I grazed her cheek with my finger. I wish you could understand how sorry I

am. I never meant to hurt you.

I kissed the top of her forehead and left.


1) He glided towards me like a swan on water. I combed my fingers through my hair,

smoothing out the wild strands. He sat down on the cot. I was surrounded by the scent of

cold winter air.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

I should have replied, but fear closed my throat.

He smiled and held out his hand. “My name is Lucino.”

“Jeslyn.” I placed my hand in his, anxious and uncertain.

He gently kissed my hand. I shivered. No man had ever looked at me with such desire—not

even Derrick—and it frightened me.

2) I puffed out my cheeks and crossed my eyes. She giggled, and I jumped to my feet and ran,

taunting her to chase me. I could hear her high-pitched laughter catching up to me, and I

turned around. There, creeping towards her, were three unfamiliar men.

Three men that should not have been this deep in the forest, so far from the local routes.

“Calli, come here, now,” I said in a stern voice, trying to hide my fear. A worried look

crossed her face, and she hurried to me. I grabbed her as soon as she was close and wrapped

my arms around her. No one was touching my sister.


1) Outside, the sky bled, looking vicious and deathly, streaks of grey and indigo amongst

the clouds. A hovercraft sat nearby, waiting. One of the royal guard stood watch. I did

not need a babysitter. I was more than capable of handling any threat, but Father took

precautions. Times were dangerous and our people frightened.

From here, I could see the triangular structure. “Take me to the gate,” I said as the guard

opened the door.

“Yes, my prince.”

The hovercraft sped across the dry and barren ground. The Council was right, we had

little time left.

2) “Martha, nothing is―” Susie turned around, her mouth hung open at my sudden

appearance. “Lord Lucino.” She immediately bowed. “I didn’t realize you were out here.”

“I like to stroll the gardens this time of night.”

She lifted her head, daring to look at me. Her eyes wandered. I assumed she was searching

for her friend.

“I told your companion to return to the party. We’ve had a bit of trouble with wolves out

here. I didn’t want anything to happen to one my guests.”

“Oh, I had no idea.” Her lip quivered, and I noticed her hands fidgeting.

“I’ll escort you back.”

She hesitated at first, and then when I stepped into the moonlight, her eyes widened.

“I know the way back. I wouldn’t want to trouble you,” she said, frantically looking behind


I grinned, enjoying her fear. “It is no trouble at all.” I sensed her desire to flee. I did enjoy a

good chase. “If you’re thinking of running, I’d start now.”

Now for the review.

This book is very interesting and if I gave stars I would give this book a 3 the details are quite good but i feel that the characters lacked depth. The main character was interesting but I felt more could have come from the character more detail and personality. The Storyline was very interesting and I loved that she was on a farm and it seemed quite accurate as far as how they lived but like said my only real complaint is the characters and I personlaly dont like the father.

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