Saturday, 11 January 2014

Review for legend of Oz by Denton J. Tipon and Blair Shedd

Hey all, Well today I was taking care of my five year old niece and we decided to get on my netgally and read some comics. We happened across one called Legend of Oz by Denton J. Tipon and Blair Shedd. Its after Dorothy has gone home and the Scarecrow is in charge of Emerald City when the wicked witch of the west's brother the jester comes along and takes over her castle. My niece and I laughed and Gasped at the action and comedy in this comic. I have to say Hats of to you guys and we both loved the pictures they were just as amazing as the story. At the end which ends at a cliff hanger my niece jumped up and said what happens next. She can't wait. I highly recommend this to anyone with children that love the Wizard of Oz or just to people that love Wizard of Oz. Trisha Signing off.

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