Friday, 18 July 2014


Hey all!!!

Today is Flashback Friday. In this segment I talk about old books that are considered classics. If you want to see what this weeks is keep reading.

This weeks book is......

This book was published in 1818 by Mary Shelly. Mary Shelly started writing this book when she was 18 and it was published when she was 20,she had really gone to the places mentioned in the book and she also had met an alcamist. When she was 18 she was trying to come up with the perfect storyline and Dreamt of an
 alcamist  who creates life and is horrified by his creation. She wrote a horror novel that later on in 2014 is still being found in stores and being republished every few years.

I had watched pretty much every movie about Frankinstine and still they did no justice to the book it is a gothic roller coaster of fear, death and science. I highly recommend this to those wanting a taste of the old horror novels. For now Trisha signing off.

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