Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Scarlet By Marissa Meyer {2nd book in the Lunar series}

Hey All!!!!!!
 Well I think its time for a little drum roll{Thump dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnn}
                                    Okay so I finished Scarlet. Wow!!! Just wow, I thought that the first one was good but this one was even better this book follows an updated version of Little Red Riding Hood and her search for her grandmother in France. This book also has a Wolf as well as an update on Cinders current... uh.. er.... living conditions and her new little buddy. This book is a totally revamped version of the old fairy tail that ruined rides to grandma's house along with walks through the woods...or is that just me? Anyway I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone that read Cinder and if you haven't read Cinder yet you really should. Its a refreshing take on those boring old fairy tales. After all isn't action and conspiracy theories wayyyy better then love and all that mush???? I think so.  But for now Trisha Signing off.  

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