Thursday, 9 October 2014

Interview with Rex Badger

Hey All I just did an interview with one of the writers I know, Rex Badger. He and I talked about characters and tips on how to create them.

How do you feel that your views on the world affect how your character views it? I feel as if, if I can get my views out to the world and to the people through a character or through a piece of writing, then I will be spreading a message that needs to spread around so people will know about it and take appropriate action.

Do your characters ever resemble you in your beliefs? Every once in a while, I sneak in a view of mine and a reader may not catch it or they might. It depends on the reader. If they catch it, then great, and if not, oh well. One of my earlier characters, Donna Raven, from my first novel, shows almost all of my beliefs in the world but people don’t know it unless they get to know more about me which, sadly, no one wishes to do.

Do you have a character thats the most like you? In fact, I don’t. A little part of me somehow escapes into everyone of my characters. I don’t set myself into one specific character. I feel as if they are the most important one while I am neglecting the others.

Do your interests ever slide over into your characters? I try to let them not to, but I’m human and we’re not perfect. So, yes, they kind of do which sometimes takes my readers by total surprise but they’re fine with that because it makes the reader feel more connected with me and my character that I am portraying.

Does your personality ever show through in your characters? I usually try to let it because I want the readers to know exactly what I want them to think what I am thinking. I also want them to get to know me in an indirect way so they feel as if I’m a real person and not some random person writing something down on a piece of paper and calling it a book.

How do you write a character thats your complete opposite? I usually think of someone who isn’t me and how they would react to things which is easier said than done but it’s possible. Hard albeit, but possible.

And do you ever have issues doing that? I have a small issue with it because I’m not always the same every single day. I could be happy and sunshine one day, and be a dark brooding monster the next. So, depending on how I feel, depends on how are my characters act.

How do you find the traits you want in your characters? I find them by watching other people and exploring new characteristics and traits in the world by either looking them up or by acting them out myself.

Do you ever feel a connection with your character because of the similarity between you and them? I feel a connection to all of my characters; even the villains. This way, I can control the characters on how I feel they should act.

How often do you write characters with views like yours? Almost all of my characters have a part of my views though, not all. This way, I know I get out into the world without having to venture very far into the world without leaving my comfort zone.

What's a downside to writing a character similar that's similar to you? A downside to it would be on how I would describe myself because sometimes, I don’t know anything about myself. My mood and my thoughts change as swiftly as the four winds which is almost constantly.

Have you found a difference between how your readers react to the characters similar to you and the ones that differ greatly and if so what was the difference? I have seen a difference and sometimes, I don’t. It all depends on the reader and what they are reading. I get different responses from different people so it’s greatly diverse.

How do you prepare yourself to write for your characters? For example (writing notes, acting out scenes as the characters etc) I prepare myself by making lists and charts or writing down notes as others would call them. This way, I can get all my ducks in a row for a certain character or characters. Writing down notes could either be detrimental to writing or very helpful. If you don’t write down notes about a character, you may forget how they act and what they look like. I’ve learned this by experience and by making several mistakes but I learned from my mistakes and I make sure to be prepared.

What do you think is the most important aspect of writing a character? The most important aspect would be how they would act in a situation and around other people. Emotions and how they portray themselves as a person is crucial in writing a character.

What do you feel is an important step to creating your characters? An important is step first getting a general idea of where you want your story to go by making out a plot chart or notes before starting. Then make a list of names you wish to use as characters or anything else you would want.

What are some steps you take with creating your characters? And do you have any tips you can give to writers? Some steps would be make a chart first of all the characters and their traits and characteristics along a with a plot chart. Take notes of how you want your characters to act. Then, set up a time when you get your creative writing funk on and get down to the nitty gritty and work. This may seem a little complicated at first, but as time goes on, it becomes easier and less difficult to make charts and take notes. An important thing to remember is have someone you trust completely, read over what you write and have them give you the absolute honest opinions about it and take them into consideration but you don’t always have to do what they say. Just take what they say and make a note about it off to the side for later when you do revisions on your story. Another step is to eliminate all distractions from your area so you can concentrate better. I’ve found it easier to concentrate while listening to music that appeals to the story you are writing or making characters. Being focused while doing this process can be a huge turning point in your writing because if you’re not totally concentrated on it, it could not be as good as you would want it. So, take the precautions and stay in a place without distractions. An important thing to do while writing is to relax and let the story flow from your imagination, through your fingers and onto the paper or onto the screen whichever you are using.


How do you get over writers block? Granted, writer’s block is a very big obstacle to overcome but I usually overcome it by taking a break from the story and going out and doing something proactive with my body to give my mind a break. Sometimes, I just completely forget the story and work on another piece of writing that I am working on to have a change of venue and aspect.

Have you ever had a character you just didn't like? I had some but I have very creative ways of...disposing them. I sometimes either kill them in a tragic event or just have them go away on some sort of exploration where I don’t have to deal with them.

How often do your characters stray from your vision? I try to not let it happen but it does but I make something happen in the story where they do get back on track of what I want to happen.

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