Saturday, 25 April 2015

Review of "The Sect:The Windgate" by Braxton, A Cosby

Cover for Windgate
I had the honor of reading this book by Braxton A. Cosby.  This novel is unlike other YA and NA books you may read. It follows a man who is recruited into a group called the sect. This novel is a faith filled heart pumping read that has caused me to have a little more faith in modern christian novels. This novel deals with the spiritual gifts and follows the sect as they work to banish demons from the world and bring love and hope back to humanity. I know it may not sound thrilling but it certainly is. The detail that Mr Cosby applied to this novel and the wording will leave you captivated and wanting more, he is a truly skilled author and I felt myself being pulled deep into the pages of this novel, I felt as though I could feel what the characters were feeling and see what they were seeing. I am truly impressed and look forward to seeing more from him in the future. I am highly recommending this to anyone wanting something different in faith based novels. I can't even think of enough good things to say about his writing, very rarely you find an author that can transport you into their world and make you not want to leave. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to read it.
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  1. Thanks for reviewing!

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  2. Thank you for the review. I'm blown away and humbled.