Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review for ProtoStar By Braxton A. Cosby

Hey  all, I  just  got  done  with  reading  ProtoStar  by  Braxton  A.  Cosby.  First  off  I  have  to  say that  when  I  got  the  email asking  if  I  would  like  to  review  another  of  Mr  Cosby's  novels  I jumped  at  the  chance  to  review  it. I  knew  that  I  would  not  be  disappointed  and  I  wasn't.  Mr  Cosby  has  a  way  of  creating characters  that  are  so  lifelike  and  story  lines  that  are  strong  and  intense,  I  found  myself  not  wanting  to  stop  reading.  I  will  add  the  blurb  from  the  back  of  the  book  so  that  you  all  can  draw  your  own  conclusions.

 On the brink of civil war, the Torrian Alliance continues with its mission to obliterate Star-children across the universe in order to suppress an intergalactic evil. Following the recommendations of his council, King Gregorio Derry reluctantly agrees to send his only son William on a mission to restore honor to his family name. William seeks to complete his assignment, the elimination of a Star-child named Sydney on planet Earth, but when the assassination is delayed he begins to realize an emotional connection with his target. With conspiracy threatening his home planet, and a hidden menace on Earth seeking to secure a vested interest, William finds himself torn between irrevocable duty and sacrificing everything he stands for to defend Sydney. As William and Sydney struggle to overcome their impossible circumstances, they start to wonder if the connection of two Star-Crossed lovers will be enough to save them from certain doom.

I  will  admit  I  am  not  a   huge  fan  of   books  involving  space   and  aliens  but  this   book  did  impress  me.  I  think  after  this  I  just  might  start  looking  in  the  science fiction   section  of  my  library  more  often.  I  am  highly  recommending  this  novel  to  anyone  that  has  had  issues  getting  into  Science  fiction  novels  or  anyone  that  just  wants  a  really  intense  and  wonderful  read.   Also  this  is  a  romance  science  fiction  novel.  I  will  also  say  that  i  usually  have  a  hard  time  reading  romance  but  this  wasn't  dripping  with  romance.  I  truly  have  to  tip  my  hat  to  Mr  Cosby for  putting  two  of  my  least  favorite  genres  together  and  making  it  amazing.   I  look  forward  to  reading  more  from  him,  and  I  think  he  is  becoming  one  of  my  favorite  authors.  I  highly  suggest  you  check  out  his  books.   That's  all  for  now,  Trisha  Signing  off.