Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spirit Lake Review

Hey all! I just finished Spirit Lake by Tamar Hela.  It is the first novel in her series and over all its pretty good. Her story is about six teenagers from nothern california that are assigned a project for school. They end up on Cantelia and find that there is a dark ruler that placed a curse over the native people of the island Sikuku Island. The teens agree to help them break the curse so that they can come back to earth. 
 The novel is strong. She brings together two different genres and blends them together seamlessly. I am truly impressed by her writing talent.I believe that this is an author with a very bright future ahead of her.  For now Trisha Signing off.


  1. Thank you for reviewing!

    - Stina @ LIEP Promotions

  2. Thanks for your lovely review! :)