Saturday, 8 November 2014

I am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff

Hey All well today I have a review for a book that I got off Netgalley months ago and I'm just now reading called I am the weapon and below I will have the excerpt and my review.


Previously published under the title Boy Nobody
They needed the perfect assassin.

Boy Nobody is the perennial new kid in school, the one few notice and nobody thinks much about. He shows up in a new high school in a new town under a new name, makes a few friends and doesn't stay long. Just long enough for someone to die -- of "natural causes." Mission accomplished, Boy Nobody disappears, moving on to the next target. 

But when The Program assigns him to the mayor of New York City, things change. Somewhere deep inside, Boy Nobody is somebody: the kid he once was; the teen who wants normal things, like a real home and a girlfriend; a young man who wants out. And who just might want those things badly enough to sabotage The Program's mission. 

This book is a YA thriller and well worth the read. It gets your blood pumping and adrenaline running as well as makes you can really get lost in this book. 

For now Trisha Signing off.

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