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Interview with B.I Woodlet Authors of The Hunter, The Bear and the Seventh sister,

I recently got in touch with B.I Woodlet authors of The Hunter, The Bear and the Seventh sister and got the opportunity to do an interview with them before their new book hits shelves Arrows of Darkness check it out below.

1.How did the idea for The Hunter, The Bear and the Seventh sister come about?

Well, it’s kind of a funny beginning. One cold November, Benji (the “B” in B.I. Woolet) was hiding in my parent’s back room and staring into the blazing fireplace. He was hoping to disappear from the awkwardness of being a guy present at someone else’s baby shower. While alone, Benji started thinking about what it would be like if he traveled to another world. This simple, momentary daydream turned into the 1st book in the World of Arcas.  

2.Why did you choose to write a young adult novel?

We like that the YA world is full of first time experiences. It’s a genre where characters awaken to new realities, confront old fears, gain deeper independence, fall in love, and look to a future where they have the opportunity to change themselves and the world around them.  

3. When you were writing The Hunter, The Bear and the Seventh Sister what inspired these characters?

The stars! Around the same time we starting writing, we purchased our first telescope. To navigate the night sky properly, we needed to learn and recognize many different constellations. We’d always enjoyed hearing the Greek stories about the constellations, but as we stargazed, these characters danced their way into our story with new life.

4. How long have you all been writing? Apart and together?

As children, Benji created stories about a superhero eraser, and I (Ila) wrote poems for fun. But when we first met, we shared a love of music. I sang in the high school choir while Benji accompanied the choir from the piano. During college, I studied English and he studied Music Composition. Our combined love of literary and lyrical arts first morphed into writing songs together, but about 3 years ago, we started writing The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister. It’s been an adventure for us as a married couple with little children running around, but we enjoy the challenge, the fun, and the partnership.

  1. How many books will be in the Arcas series?

We know that there will be at least 3 books in the World of Arcas series, but there are many unique and interesting characters that are beckoning us to dig deeper into their stories and histories. We aren’t going to make any guarantees, but it could end up being 6-8 books.

6. Do you have any advice for young writers or authors?

Writing is a journey. It can take a long time to reach the destination. You may get tired along the way. You may question whether the work and the editing and the money are worth investing into it. And the hardest thing is, you may not always know exactly where you are going or if you will be well-received when you get there. But if you choose to put one foot in front of the other each day and continue down the path, you are sure to be changed through the process. Dare to take the first step toward your dreams. Dare to share your stories with friends and family who can inspire and encourage you along the way. And dare to let the journey change you into a better, wiser, and more compassionate person.  

7. Can you tell us anything about the 2nd book in the Arcas series?

We’d love to! Fans will be happy to know that all of their favorite characters are back as the adventures in Arcas continue with book 2: Arrows of Darkness. Life in Arcas is getting darker and more intense since Jackson left. Here’s a small sneak peak from the back cover!
“Jackson returns to Arcas expecting to find peace—a peace greatly lacking within his own home. But when a violent archer takes over as Lord of the White Palace, the future of the ancient kingdoms is shaken.”

8.Where did you get the names for your novels?

Like our characters, our titles are related to the stars. The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister came from the constellations Orion, Ursa Major, and the Pleiades. Arrows of Darkness came from the Saggita constellation, which means “arrow.”

9. Did you write these books knowing that you would be publishing them? or was it just an experiment that worked out fabulously?

At first, we were exploring and experimenting with the wild dream that maybe, someday, we would publish. We didn’t necessarily think it would happen, but after 2 years of writing and editing, we realized that the novel was complete. So, we started researching and began the next adventure of publishing!  

10. Do you have any plans to further the Arcas series after book 2 or are we drawing to a close with this series?

Oh, yes! We have a strong gut feeling that the World of Arcas series has many more years and many more books to explore before the journey is complete.  

11.And I think everyone wants to know this. Do you have any plans for any other works in the future?

Definitely! Now that we’ve had our first taste of being authors, we don’t want to stop. We have several ideas for stand-alone novels once this series is complete. We love fantasy but also want to explore writing in the realms of mystery, thriller, and futuristic Sci-fi.  

There you have it. There is a possibility that B.I Woodlet will come out with stand alone novels as well as new books in the Arcas Series so for now Trisha Signing off.

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