Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Truth About Alice byJennifer Mathieu

Hey All!!! Well this book is heartbreaking and brutal as well as so close to the truth its not even funny.

This book is about a girl who is plagued by rumors that everyone in the school has made up about her. Alice is called a lot of things in this book and of course where rumors are a degree of bullying comes along with it. But she was used to it until one of the boys who was "Connected" to her through a rumor dies in a car crash after his death the rumors spiral out of control and the book is seen through four of the teens that started the rumors in the first place...but no one truly knows what happened...except for Alice.

As I read this book so many emotions came from could feel the anger and jealousy these girls had and you could also feel the sadness that Alice projected...Miss Mathieu has written a book that flawlessly shows the ins and outs of bullying and the consequences that come with it..I had read this book months back but I couldn't fully write a review for it fore it felt as though I was there watching all of this occur. Thank you so much Miss Mathieu for writing this book and I truly hope that many will read it and see the wrongs of bullying.

For now Trisha Signing off.

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