Sunday, 2 November 2014

Interview with R.J. Truman.

Hey all well I just got done interviewing a UK bestseller. I asked her some questions about publishing and writingnand these were her responses.

1. "Where do your ideas come from?"

The ideas for the White Light Chronicles came, when I decided to think of a way to combine elves and vampires in the same story. I liked the idea that elves could be like angels, and vampires are demons. After I thought of that the other ideas flowed from that.

2. "When did you start writing?"
 I started writing when I was in my teens, and wrote the original draft for Obsidian White when I was about 17.

3."How do you create your characters? (storyboarding, notes, ect,)"
To be honest I start writing them and develop them along with the plot. I make notes on basic things like their relation to the other characters, and their appearance. But the rest develops along with the story.

4."You are on the UK’s best sellers list. What’s that like?"
 and how did you feel when you first found out? It was really crazy, and great to know that people out there are actually reading and enjoying my books.

5."You first published in 2012 how do you feel your writing has changed since then?"
 I think my writing style has improved as I’ve gained more confidence in myself. I have also put a lot more time into developing my characters, and their back stories.

6."You are planning 7 books in your series? How are you coming up with enough ideas for all of
these book?"
 I’m working on writing a book for each of the main characters. Each one has their own history, and although they cross over in each other’s stories there are lots of details that I leave open for development in their individual books. Also with the more I write the stories the more ideas come to me.

7."Who is your favorite character in your books?"
That’s a difficult one, I do really like Lucifer, and he is a fun character to write. He has lots of different elements to his personality. He is witty and charming, but you can’t trust him.

8."Why did you choose to self publish? and what was that experiance like?"
I decided to self-publish as I wanted to have total control over my stories. I didn’t want to have to make changes to them to please anyone. Or write to any sort of constraints. I wanted it to be all me.

9."Will you self publish again? I think I will self-publish my future work?"
That way I will continue to have control over my work.

10."Do you have any advice for young writers and authors?"
  I would say writing the story is the easy part. The real work comes when you have to promote it. You need to be focused and driven, and to have faith in your work. Self-publishing is a great way to get your work out there, and thanks to social media you have access to a whole world of people. So make the most of it.

11. "What do you think is the most important part of being an author?"

Coming up with new and original ideas, that people will want to read and find inspiring. If you can inspire at least one person with your words, then I consider that an achievement.

Please check out her books at and for now this is Trisha Signing out.

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